Boogie Skiedrzyński - Passed Lines
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Boogie Skiedrzyński - Passed Lines. Premiere August 19, 2022 (SJRecords 064)


The Passed Lines album is the first original album by the recognized session guitarist Boogie Skiedrzyński.


The artist, after years of supporting recognized Polish and foreign artists on stage and in the studio, such as: Kamil Bednarek, Kuba Badach and Natalia Kukulska, Jahnaration, Naaman, and Pressure, decided to record his own material. “For many years I have been playing on stage as a sideman and doing my job because it is a vital role. I was finally able to start doing what I want. "

The content of the album consists of nine original compositions by the leader, in the contemporary spirit of jazz music, with a clear, acoustic color and the harmonized Body and Soul standard by Johnny Green.

The great advantage of the release is the tonal and stylistic diversity. An unquestionable advantage of the album is with Eight songs recorded in a trio, the other two are miniatures for solo guitar (Body and Soul, Ajisai).

Boogi's playing is distinguished by a contemporary approach to jazz improvisation - creative polyphonic explorations combined with a large dose of guitar expression. A huge role in the concept of a guitarist is played by the quality of the sound of both the guitar and the entire band. Space, polyphony, creative sonorous and melodic searches - these are the songs from Skiedrzyński's new album.

Excellent instrumentalists Grzegorz Piasecki (double bass) and Mateusz Maniak (drums) also participated in the recording of Skiedrzyński's modern-style, technically advanced compositions.

The album is preceded by a video livesession to the song Santa Maria, which is already available, among others, on YouTube

You can watch Santa Maria here: Boogie Skiedrzyński - Santa Maria


"Passed Lines"

All Compositions by Boogie Skiedrzyński except Body and Soul - Johnny Green


Boogie Skiedrzyński - guitar

Grzegorz Piasecki - double bass

Mateusz Maniak - drums


The album "Passed Lines" was recorded at RecPublica Studios

Realization of recordings - Michał Wasyl

Mix and master - Maciej Prokopowicz


About Boogie Skiedrzyński

He graduated from the Academy of Music. Karol Lipiński in Wrocław (specialization: jazz guitar) and the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk in the jazz guitar class. Since October 2019, he has been a lecturer at the Institute of Music at the University of Zielona Góra (jazz guitar). His activity so far has focused on the role of a session musician. He collaborated with Naaman, Jahnaration, Kamil Bednarek, Igor Herbut, Natalia Kukulska, Charlie B, Krzysztof Cugowski, Capitol music theater, and participated in many TV and festival productions, among others. His album achievements are mainly rock and pop releases, incl. "Kamil Bednarek - MTV Unplugged" (2019).