HeFi Quartet – Parallax Error. The fourth album from flautist and composer Leszek “HeFi” Wiśniowski, and the third from his group HeFi; it is a jazz concept album, in which the metaphor of the parallax error determines the dramatic development and arrangement, centred around a melange of jazz and contemporary music.


Leszek often uses the extended techniques and a gamut of flutes, including the rare contrabass and bass flutes, the Glissando Headjoint® mouthpiece (which allows the flautist to glide, in the words of the inventor Robert Dick, like Jimi Hendrix on the guitar), and the Japanese shakuhachi.


The eponymous composition illustrates the parallax error metaphor: in an introductory, minimalist motif, the pulse of the flute diverges from the pulse of the piano polimetrically.


In his erudite games, Leszek also reaches for musical landmarks: in Mediterranean Sound Dance he references, with the texture of the piano and the sonic richness of the flute, Mediterranean Sun Dance, a piece made famous in the 1980s by the three guitarists: John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, and Al Di Meola. The final composition on the album is a peculiar summary of the whole, contained within John Cage’s famous 4’33”.


Parallax: the error of variable perception of objects and phenomena depending on the viewpoint, is also a key to the perception of HeFi’s music.



●    Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski – flutes: contrabass, bass, piccolo, Glissando Headjoint® flute, shakuhachi

●    Dominik Wania – piano

●    Bartosz Staromiejski – drums

●    Tomasz Kupiec – double bass


Recorded in 2016

Published on 18 June 2017