Lidia Pospieszalska - Inaije (SJRecords 058) - premiere 18.12.2021

We are pleased to present you for the first time a vinyl version of Inaije's album by Lidia Pospieszalska. It is a masterly made 180-gram white vinyl in a premium version, foldable - gatefold. There are only a total of 300 hand-numbered items available. All CDs are sent to you with the autograph of Lidia Pospieszalska.


Lidia Pospieszalska - composer, singer.

In Poznań, she graduated in geography, while in Katowice at the Academy of Music, she studied vocal at the Jazz and Popular Music Department.

Since her studies, she has recorded two solo albums, mainly with her own compositions and arrangements:
", Inaije" (2007), the title track of which reached number one on the Three-Way Hit List, and "Travels on the Cloud" (2017)

Lidia also composes for other bands: New Life M., Deus Meus, two songs were also on Zakopower albums.

As a singer, she takes part in various projects, not only family ones. Together with her husband, Marcin Pospieszalski, she was the initiator of the traditional music workshops "Music of the Sources-Meeting of Generations" 2008 in Rzeszów and 2009 in Radom. He also plays traditional music on the Radom hoop drum.

Together with Marcin, also as a co-producer and arranger, she collaborated on albums such as "Wniebowianki" (Deus Meus), "A2" (Viola Brzezińska), "Kryla" (Kana), "Wilczy Ślad" (Teatr od Czapy) .


The vinyl edition of the album "Inaije" contains an unpublished so far mix of the title track by the outstanding sound engineer Wojciech Przybylski (there is a different version on the CD). Ternary list). It is worth adding that the album was mixed by Wojtek Przybylski on the legendary analog SSL 9000J console in the equally legendary "Trójki" radio studio. Agnieszka Osiecka.

Marcin Pospieszalski


For many years, urged by her friends to say "yes". She entered the studio and recorded her debut solo album. Great. Stylistically suspended between soul, jazz, rock ballad, discreet bossa nova and world music, it wonderfully combines interesting, perfectly performed music with poetic lyrics. Looking at the line-up of musicians accompanying Lidia Pospieszalska (the wife of the outstanding bassist and composer Marcin Pospieszalski) on this album, it can be said that it is actually a group of stars. (...)

Piotr Iwicki, Gazeta Wyborcza published by no. 104 (2007)


A record full of secrets. Amazing and unusual. Drowning in it takes you to another reality where freedom and open space reign.

Katarzyna Cudzich


Lidka Pospieszalska's album charmed me. She changed the whole evening. She introduced so much peace and tranquility, gentle optimism.

Natalia Budzyńska


This should be an event both for fans of good music and great, wise songs, as well as for fans of analog sound. Here is an analogue reissue of the beautiful album of Lidia Pospieszalska, released a few years ago, on a beautiful white vinyl in the 180 gram standard, in a limited edition.

Tomasz Janas, IKS


The most valuable, however, is the voice of the Leader. Gifted with an individual, unique color, Lidia sings with features that are rare in our country: lightness, nostalgia, but also joy. One could find here the numerous folk and jazz fascinations of our Singer, but why not, since we receive a ready, personal message. It is worth adding that the special warmth, some caress of the heart and spirit that we are endowed with as a result of this noble and human music, has a chance to refresh us in times of life's doubt.

The texts are also helpful in this - they are empowering, but not intrusive. You can also write a lot about the quality of the production of the album. In short, this is audio content that does not give in to time (15 years after all!).

The quality of the vinyl edition is such that you want to place your ears boldly between the needle and the grooves of the beautiful white disc FOR A GAME, and it is possible that I have NEVER heard such a lovingly realized and mastered Polish production. Well, the name obliges ...