Łukasz Juźko Quartet – First Breath
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First Breath is space, emotions, and love for jazz. Every composition on this album carries an emotional and spiritual charge, tinted as they are with gospel, which was a major inspiration for the artist. This is especially clear in One Or Few and For Unknown Princess.


Every composition is a rhythmic, melodic, and emotional dialogue between the instruments. The album’s unique character encompasses equally the formally complex Time’s Coming Up So Where Are You and Glimmer, and spacious ballads like Purpose or Breath From The Noise, light and calming.


If you seek serenity and respite in jazz, if you like to spend an atmospheric hour of an evening, the Quartet’s music is a perfect choice.  It is thoughtful and heartfelt, spiritual and elegant.

Czesław Romanowski


Participating artists:


  • Łukasz Juźko – saxophone player, composer, music producer and event curator. A finalist of numerous competitions and festivals and a graduate of the Jazz Department at the Gdańsk Academy of Music, he debuted at the age of 20 playing with the star of New York’s jazz scene Judy Bady. Recipient of a City of Gdańsk’s grant.
  • Sebastian Kuchczyński – drummer, graduate of the Jazz Institute at the Katowice Academy of Music, in 2007 he won a scholarship to University of Louisville, Kentucky. Three times nominated for the prestigious Fryderyk award in the Jazz Phonographic Debut of the Year category
  • Bartosz Świątek – bassist, graduate of the Jazz Institute at the Katowice Academy of Music, he studied with such jazz greats as Wayne Dockery, Clarence Seay, Ron Carter, Cecil McBee, Gerald Cannon. Currently perfecting his skills with Janusz Widzyk, the well-known Berliner Philharmoniker double bassist.
  • Michał Wróblewski – pianist, , graduate of the Jazz Institute at the Katowice Academy of Music. His solo albums I Remember and Jazz i Orkietra - the latter a suite for jazz quartet and symphonic orchestra - were a tremendous success in Poland and in Japan. Jazz i Orkietra became the Jazz Record of the Year in a Polish Radio 3 ‘Trójka’’s poll.