Nahorny Trio - Ballad Book Okruchy Dzieciństwa
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Nahorny Trio - Ballad Book - Childhood Memories - premiere of the vinyl version on July 29, 2022 (SJRecords063)

SJRecords presents the 180-gram white vinyl version of the album Ballad Book - Childhood Memories by Nahorny Trio!

Limited series of 500 hand-numbered records!

  • Włodzimierz Nahorny - piano
  • Mariusz Bogdanowicz - acoustic bass
  • Piotr Biskupski - drums

The album is available again after a complaint with the X-disc company. X-disc cut the rims wrong and committed to re-pressing the entire run. However, after the complaint, we received only 330 pieces. The X-disc company does not want to overwhelm us with the remaining 170 pieces because it does not. Hard topic. But the music is beautiful! We recommend it strongly! :) 


Ballad Book - Childhood Memories is another edition of the work of Włodzimierz Nahorny - an icon and legend of Polish jazz, a master of lyric poetry, who finds its most beautiful embodiment in ballads.

Ballad Book on CD was released in 2018 by Confiteor Records. SJRecords in agreement and cooperation with Confiteor Records presents you a perfectly realized high-end vinyl version! We also encourage you to buy CDs and high quality MP3 320kbps in our store!

The Childhood Memories is a sentimental journey to Kwidzyn - the city where the Master spent his young years. It is a different album than the previous ones, recorded in a trio. Stylistically toned down. A creative response to the scream, noise and haste that surrounds us today. It is music full of breath, peace, reverie and reflection. There are eleven unpublished works on the album.

The works of Włodzimierz Nahorny are poetry and romanticism - an undefined and unpredictable language. The pianism in the jazz canon has a personal Slavic stamp. His biography covers almost the entire history of Polish jazz. A creative idiom is as broad as its range of artistic possibilities is endless. From the very beginning of his career, from his debut, he arouses widespread recognition. An outstanding, unique composer, one of the first Polish multi-instrumentalists. He is a man of unprecedented sensitivity and modesty, at the same time full of energy and innovative concepts. Critics call him the Chopin of Jazz.


composed by Włodzimierz Nahorny
produced by Mariusz Bogdanowicz and Piotr M. Semczuk
recorded at Studio Realizacji Myśli Twórczych (September 2017 - April 2018)
mix & mastering Piotr M. Semczuk

photo Piotr Gruchała


2018 CONFITEOR 011 / SJRecords 063

ISBN 978-83-931610-5-8

(the CD is an integral part of the book "Nahorny Trio - Ballad Book - Crumbs of Childhood")

The album was created thanks to the help of the STOART Promotional Fund and the Fund for Supporting the Creative Activity of the ZAIKS Authors' Association