Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet - Kubizm

Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet - Kubizm
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Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet - Kubizm. Premiere: 11.07.2021 (SJRecords 055). 


‘Kubizm’ is an upcoming debut album of Semiotic Quintet led by guitar player and composer Paweł Mańka – it will be released by SJ Records and performed live for the first time at Klub Stodoła during the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days festival on July 11th, 2021 .


Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet was founded in 2018 in Katowice. The sound of the band combines ideas of modern classical composers with the freedom and rhytmical language of jazz. The repertoire of the group consists of leader’s compositions, that embrace contrast between dense, multi-layered, precisely notated structures and spontaneous or selectively restrained improvisation. The name of the band refers to semiotics - a study of sign processes. The signs are a foundation of communication, which is a key aspect of improvised music.


In 2020 Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet was awarded in the most prestigious Polish jazz competitions – Jazz Juniors and Jazz nad Odrą, and at the beginning of 2021 won in a grant contest ‘Jazzowy Debiut Fonograficzny’ held by Polish National Institute Of Music and Dance. 


Paweł Mańka – composer, arranger and jazz guitarist (b. 1996), graduate of Jazz Department of Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice (jazz guitar), student of Syddansk Musikkonservatorium (compositiona). In 2021 he received a ‘Młoda Polska’ scholarship founded by the Polish Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.