Piotr Schmidt Quartet – Dark Forecast – premiere: 27.11.2020 (SJRecords 052)


The vinyl premiere of Piotr Schmidt Quartet’s internationally acclaimed album “Dark Forecast” (SJRecords / O-Tone Music) took place on 29 May 2021 - almost exactly six months after the album’s release on CD and streaming services. Responding to great interest from jazz connoisseurs, SJRecords recently released a limited run of 300 hand-numbered double records on the exclusive 180-gram white vinyl. The entire run sold out in under three weeks.


After the entire run sold out in under three weeks, the double record was commissioned by O-Tone Music for the German market, resulting in a second run of 300 albums.

Of these, 60 albums have been ring fenced for distribution in Poland. Serial numbers are hand-written and start with letters SE: SE 001/300, SE 002/300 etc. These unique audiophile albums have gone on sale on 24th November and are expected to sell fast!


Polish trumpeter / composer Piotr Schmidt returns, undeterred by the pandemic that is changing the face of our globe, to share with us some joyful moments inspired by the music we love so much.


Supported by his regular quartet, which includes top Polish Jazz musicians: pianist Wojciech Niedziela, bassist Maciej Garbowski and drummer Krzysztof Gradziuk, Schmidt presents a set of nine wonderful original compositions and two arrangements of compositions by the Godfather of Polish Jazz, Krzysztof Komeda, which offers a highly aesthetic Jazz experience, superbly amalgamating the mainstream Jazz tradition and more open European attitudes. Two North American players, Canadian guitarist Matthew Stevens and US saxophonist Walter Smith III, guest on six of the tracks, transforming the quartet into a quintet and spicing the proceedings with an enhanced instrumental variety.


Although the majority of the music is firmly based on the beautifully weaved melodic themes, there is also plenty of space for more freely improvised playing, which characterizes contemporary Polish Jazz tendencies, clearly proving that the quartet is able to operate brilliantly in both idioms with the same ease and elegance.


Attentive listening will reveal the incredible level of musicality and creativity displayed by these seasoned musicians. The quartet is by far more than just a trumpeter accompanied by a piano trio; it is an organic body performing music as one, which fully shares the responsibility for the final result. Just close your eyes and listen…


The album closes with a tune called "A Place Of Hope…" which clearly reflects the universal human sentiment we all share today. Hope for times when the dark forecast will change into brightness and this and every other kind of music can be shared by thousands of people attending live concerts again…


Adam Baruch, November 2020




piotr schmidt – trumpet

walter smith III – tenor saxophone (04, 05, 10)

matthew stevens – guitar (02, 06, 08)

wojciech niedziela – grand piano

maciej garbowski – double bass

krzysztof gradziuk – drums


Five stars from Jazz Forum!!

Piotr Schmidt's latest album exemplifies the artists' uncommon musicality. Calmly and with little drama, they create an enchanted mood, composed of exquisite sound, varied textures and a plethora of interesting detail. It is a work of perfect teamwork, mutual understanding and partnership. A solid chunk of beautiful music.

Mary Zimny, Jazz Forum, December 2020


Piotr Schmidt Quartet’s recordings in recent years have firmly established this sublime trumpeter - and a compelling composer - as one of the most original artists in Polish jazz. This latest album is no different. With it, the musician seems to aim and reach the highest goals. He offers music of great beauty, at the same time sophisticated and listener-friendly; fruit of intellectual finesse as much as a record of moments of intense emotion and reflection.

Tomasz Janas IKS / January 2021


Produced by Piotr Schmidt

Music production: Piotr Schmidt, Maciej Stach

Cover picture (Painting) / Cover design: Tomasz Olszewski

Inside photos: Aleksandra Kasztalska

Mixed and Mastered by Maciej Stach in MaqRecords Studio, Wojkowice

Sound Engineer: Maciej Stach

Recorded in October 2020 in MaqRecords Studio, Wojkowice


Piotr Schmidt (b.1985) – jazz trumpeter, band leader, music producer and publisher, lecturer at the Jazz Institutes of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa and the Katowice Academy of Music, where in 2016 he gained a doctoral degree in Music. In 2006 he won a scholarship to University of Louisville, Kentucky and early in his career (2006-2010) he won many individual awards and Grand Prix’s now being one of the most important jazz figures in Poland and middle Europe.


To date, Piotr has produced and published eleven own albums, including three with Schmidt Electric. For the past seven years Piotr has ranked among the best three jazz trumpeters in the annual Jazz Top poll of the Jazz Forum European magazine. He’s former project: Piotr Schmidt Quartet – Tribute to Tomasz Stańko is considered by Wolf Mueller (Sony Music Germany) as one of the best 10 albums from 2018 in the World!


Among Piotr’s many collaborators are: Walter Smith III, Alex Hutchings, Matthew Stevens, Ernesto Simpson, Ed Partyka, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Henryk Miśkiewicz, Dante Luciani, Francesco Angiuli...