Piotr Schmidt & Wojciech Niedziela Duo – Dark Morning
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Piotr Schmidt and Wojciech Niedziela have joined their spectacular skills in this special project. Together, their creativity explodes with remarkable compositions, extraordinary arrangements, virtuosic improvisations, and a unique atmosphere!


After two years of touring Poland their music and compositions have crystallised into a sublime synergy of art, the intimate immediacy of which is radiant with unheard of depth and richness. The two artists have crowned their collaboration by meeting, at the end of June, in Gliwice’s Jazovia state-of-the-art studio and recorded a masterpiece: twelve striking tunes, published by SJRecords on 1 September 2017.


Dark Morning - Special Edition - its a third and special issue of the album. This time with significant changes in the grafic project. 


Schmidt and Niedziela possess the uncommon ability to create music you just want to keep coming back to, to be dazzled and touched by it again and again.


"Overall this is a quiet, contemplative album, which in spite of its apparent minimalism is full of wonderful music, which is performed with elegance and deeply aesthetic devotion. Wholeheartedly recommended!"

- Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack Of My Life.


This entirely original album - all compositions and performances are by the trumpeter Piotr Schmidt and the pianist Wojciech Niedziela (...). It is an intimate and passionate dialogue of two magisterial improvisers. The listener cannot but appreciate the musical heights at which this erudite and harmonically and expressively sophisticated conversation is held. It is a conference of masters, and just as expected from such acclaimed musicians it is held in quietude, with mutual attention and respect, only rarely accentuated with a witty chuckle or contrariness, relaxing tensions which the music has built. ​

Piotr Kałużny, Jazz Forum 12/2017


"A balance between a tight composition and free-flowing explorations is the power of this music; the artists conduct a calm dialogue, the sound flows clearly, keeping an inner, timid pulse which soothes and delights.”

- Arek Lerch, Violence Magazine.


“Exceptional arrangements, coherent improvisations and the captivating atmosphere of this album all create an emotional bond which will have you keep coming back”

- Konrad Beniamin Puławski, Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji.


"The musicians’ virtuosity and sound engineers’ professionalism are beyond doubt here; sounds, made so tenderly, breathe in a vast, resonant space”

- Maciej Krawiec, Jazzarium.


“This is two well-matched partner at play, having fun and a fascinating dialogue that looks into sundry corners of jazz - and not only jazz - tradition, drawing out creative inspiration”

- Tomasz Janas, IKS Poznański Informator Kulturalny.


“In this shared project the musicians have refined their own, distinctive musical language, untranslatable for other instrumentalists; they have made Dark Morning truly unique and without parallel in Polish jazz.”

- Robert Ratajczak, LongPlay.blox.


“Albums like this - recording an intimate duet based on trust, art, and awareness, for when only two leading instruments play there’s no escape, like in rhythmic gymnastics - are rare, but when they happen, they are important.”

- Adam Domagała, Zdzezemlzej.blogspot.