Schmidt Electric – Live documents for the first time the energy and vibe which accompany the band’s live performances.

On 1 June 2017 SJRecords published Schmidt Electric’s latest - third - album. Live was almost exclusively available to Jazz Forum subscribers (with June 2017) edition. The recording took place mainly during the 10 December 2016 Silesian Jazz Festival concert in Katowice.

Most numbers can also be watched on YouTube. All come from the band’s previous two albums Tear the Roof Off and Silver Protect, and are chiefly composed by the leader, and the UK-based pianist Tomasz Bura.


Schmidt Electric are among the best electric jazz bands in Poland. They are four exceptional instrumentalists, renowned and frequently celebrated in festivals and competitions, who mix jazz with current musical trends, a fresh approach to composition and sound; creating in the process a new, unique quality. Since inception in 2011 the band have given over 130 concerts in Poland and abroad, and published three albums.



  • Piotr Schmidt – trumpet, effects
  • Tomasz Bura – piano, synths
  • Michał Kapczuk – bass guitar, moog
  • Sebastian Kuchczyński – drums


  • Alex Hutchings – electric guitar
  • Mr. Krime – DJ, turntablism, scratching
  • Joanna Szymala – electronics (track 6)
  • Bartek Pieszka – vibraphone (track 5)