Surreal Players - Ideogram
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Surreal Players - Ideogram (SJRecords 044) - premiere 10.10.2019

SURREAL PLAYERS are: a charismatic cellist Magda Pluta and a jazz pianist, composer and arranger Krystian Jaworz.


They write and perform their own music which is the fusion of their previous inspirations and experience. They transform a simple form of a song into instrumental pieces with rich harmony, unusual, sometimes experimental sound and wide sections of improvisation.


They formed a group in December, 2012, having already had a lot of interesting artistic experience and such achievements as recordings for Polish Radio and TZADIK New York, collaboration  with great Polish composers  and bands (Zbigniew  Preisner, Bester  Quartet, Max Klezmer Band, Pudelsi, Samech), and participation in prestigious festivals such as: TZADIK Poznań Festiwal, Klezmore Festival Vienna, Stanser Musiktage - Stans Swiss, Warsow Summer Jazz Days. They are also in the group of the winners of 7 -th All - Polish Festival “Piosenkarnia” Korowód 2014.


Combined elements of jazz, stage and screen, folk and classical music form a new, expressive and coherent style which is, due to the lack of mainstream, difficult to categorize.


At present SURREAL PLAYERS are working on their debut CD. (Preisner Studio, Poland; 10 songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Tadeusz Mieczkowski). Recordings were finished and the album will be released soon. 

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