Tomasz Wendt Trio & Atom String Quartet: Behind the Strings (SJRecords 018)

Out of the ashes of two distinct musical traditions springs this new collaboration between a jazz trio and a classical string quartet, inspired and intensified by the musicians’ distinct musical languages and diverse individual experiences, a love for the jazz and the classical heritage, a fascination with rhythm and melody, and an openness to contemporary influence. Behind the Strings manifests all these, from the spell-binding texture of arrangements, to the tuneful solos.


With his debut album Tomasz Wendt reassures us that Polish Jazz has a bright future. Behind the Strings has power long not seen among the young Polish jazz musicians. To speak of the ‘future of Polish Jazz’ may sound clichéd, but I can’t think of a better phrase to describe Wendt.

Robert Ratajczak, 



Tomasz Wendt - saxophone

Grzegorz Piasecki - double bass

Wojciech Buliński - drums


Atom String Quartet:

Dawid Lubowicz - violin

Mateusz Smoczyński - violin

Michał Zaborski - alto

Krzysztof Lenczowski – celo



Magdalena Zawartko - vocal

Łukasz Damrych – grand piano